LinkedIn Lets You Add Photos, Presentations to Updates

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LinkedIn has just taken a significant step in making the homepage stream much more interesting. Today, they've announced the addition of photos, documents, and presentations to updates.

"Whether it’s a thought provoking presentation about the future of big data or it’s a picture of an inspirational quote, or perhaps it’s an infographic showing the top trends impacting your industry, the possibilities are endless for what you can share on LinkedIn to add a richer and more visual component to your professional discussions."

Yes, your stream is about to fill up with photos:

Earlier this month, LinkedIn began to allow users to adds photos, videos, and other rich media to their profiles, but this is the first time that it's come to the homepage.

LinkedIn says that the new sharing feature will begin to roll out globally today and will complete in the next few weeks. Once you gain access to the new functionality, you should see a little dialog box at the upper right-hand corner of your share box that asks you to "add a little something to your update."

"We also introduced the ability to directly upload images and files to 2.9 million Company Page admins, so you can expect to see richer and more engaging visual content flowing across your LinkedIn experience. In the meantime, we look forward to seeing what you have to share and say about your professional universe through pictures, slides and more," says LinkedIn.

Josh Wolford
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