Linkedin Introduces Talent Pipeline for Recruiting


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Time to get all your leads in one place, regardless of the source. Linkedin has just released their much anticipated Talent Pipeline service for recruiting. They are making it easier to get organized, stay connected and keep everybody you work with in the loop. If you're in the business of recruiting or managing talent, your life literally just got a whole lot easier. But, it's not just good news for recruiters, it's also great for job hunters and contract workers.

Job seekers always win when coordinators and recruiters can easily find them and get them connected to the right clients. Tools like Talent Pipeline take much of the guess work and leg work out of getting that job done effectively and efficiently. If you're a job seeker and you're not on Linkedin, you need to be. If you're are recruiter and you're not taking advantage of Linkedin's recruiting solutions, you're are wasting a lot of time and energy.

Lets see what others have to say:

Jim Schnyder of PepsiCo comments on Talent Pipeline:

“Talent Pipeline gives you a way to build and leverage just-in-time candidate pools. Think about the possibility of making your talent community come to life.”

Johanna Danaher, Sr. Manager and Global Talent Acquisition at Pfizer also comments on Talent Pipeline:

“Talent Pipeline’s power lies in its ability to develop what is initially just a lead into an active candidate and to deepen your candidate pipeline based on that candidate’s connections. This is a true global differentiator.”

Take a look at LinkedIn's Talent Pipeline Video:

Take a look at what Linkedin says the key enhancements will be with these new recruiting tools:

* Import contacts and manage them in Recruiter

* Use tags to highlight skills, attributes, and experience

* Mark and track the lead sources so you can keep track of where you get the best leads

* Search within updates members of your team have added

* Filter searches based on activities and mailings

* Perform bulk actions like mailing, updating, and notes right from your search results screen

* Update and view status as a lead processes through the pipeline

* View actionable reports that help manage pipeline efficiency and health

Here's their sales pitch:

LinkedIn Talent Pipeline gives you one place to grow, track, and stay connected with all of your talent leads. It’s built right into LinkedIn Recruiter, providing instant access to 150M+ professionals and your own potential candidates, at no additional cost. It’s a simple way to reduce your time to hire by helping to build and manage a pipeline of talent before they become formal applicants in your ATS.