LinkedIn India Reaches 15 Million Members

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LinkedIn's India division has reached a new milestone: 15 million Indian professionals now use the social network. Over on the LinkedIn Blog, Hari Krishnan, country manager at LinkedIn India, described the company's excitement at how quickly India has embraced LinkedIn. He states that LinkedIn India's member base has grown 300% since the beginning of its operations. According to Krishnan, LinkedIn India's quick growth has been due to the large scaling in operations that LinkedIn has performed in the country over the last three years. From the blog post:

Our growth hasn’t been in terms of just member numbers alone. India is now the 2nd largest market for LinkedIn after the US. Over the last three years, we have also scaled up operations significantly. In addition to our Mumbai headquarters and two other offices, we have also launched a Technology Centre in Bengaluru, our first such facility outside of Mountain View, California. LinkedIn’s member base in India encompasses professionals and students at different stages in their career. It is individuals like these who are utilizing the various tools that help them engage with other professionals, gain insights and in turn grow their businesses or chart out their career path. The success stories of some of our members, have been outstanding. From acquiring overseas business to securing that dream job, Indian professionals from various industries have leveraged LinkedIn to further their career.

Of course, Krishnan also mentioned the new mobile offerings that LinkedIn has been focusing on lately. He believes that LinkedIn India can help the country's economy and will improve the career progression of professional Indians.

15 million people is a good start, but when you consider that India's population is greater than 1.2 billion people, it's easy to see that LinkedIn still has a long way to go, and plenty of room to grow.