LinkedIn: If it Had Been Released in the 80's


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SquirrelMonkey continues its nostalgia driven "If (blank) had been invented in the 80's" series with a new video on the corporate world's version of Facebook: LinkedIn. They have already done other major social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, now they are delving into the professional world.

Notable characteristics of this video include the use of CD-ROM instead of internets. The user must print out a form to become a member, mail it in, and in a few weeks they will receive a CD-ROM with their profile on it. I guess that makes it a little difficult to keep track of new members, having to get a new CD-ROM anytime one of your friends signs up.

At the end she is forced to print out a hard copy and send her job recommendation via snail mail. It's a wonder anyone was employed in the 80's. Once again, we are reminded of how much computers sucked back then, but everything had to start somewhere.

Today LinkedIn is a great tool for networking and finding the perfect job. By combining social media with the job hunting experience, you are now instantly connected to tons of professionals in any field. It makes it a lot easier to get an interview, when you already have connections on the inside. In the past you may have had to make cold call and sent your resume (via snail mail) to someone you just met. And you don't even need a CD-ROM to sign-up, but then again you probably wouldn't have had to worry about Syrian hackers back then either.

So you take the good with the bad. The (professional) world is getting smaller everyday, and you can use it to your advantage, if you play your cards right.