Lindsey Vonn: Tiger Woods Shows Up for Big Win

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Lindsey Vonn is now known as the most successful women's World Cup skier of all time. She had lots of support as she scored her big win, too, but she wasn't aware of exactly how much support.

Vonn's mom traveled to Europe for the first time ever to see her daughter compete. Her dad and sister were there as well. She was shocked, however, when she spied a masked man weaving toward her through the crowd. It turned out to be boyfriend Tiger Woods.

"No way!" Lindsey Vonn exclaimed when she spotted him.

"It was an amazing surprise. I'm so happy that he's here. Everyone important to me is here--my mom and dad and my sister and Tiger--it's pretty incredible. I didn't think it was going to get better than yesterday and today topped it. I knew it was him immediately," Vonn added. "He loves that stupid mask."

Vonn broke a 35-year-old record of 62 World Cup wins set by Annemarie Moser-Proell, with a flawless run down the Olympia delle Tofane course. She finished by a huge margin of 0.85 ahead of Anna Fenninger of Austria. It came a day after equaling the record with a downhill win she scored on Sunday.

Lindsey Vonn may have broken a record, but a cameraman broke Tiger Woods's tooth.

"It's funny for me to see that he has to wear a mask and hide," Anna Fenninger said of Tiger Woods. "He's just a normal human, but for us it's a big thing that he's here, because skiing is not as important like golf in the world."

Vonn said Woods watched Sunday's victory at home in Florida, so she couldn't quite fathom how he made it to Europe so quickly. Little did she know.

"I had no idea he was here," Lindsey Vonn added. "He told everyone to keep it a secret and I'm surprised. Normally no one can keep a secret in my family. He just showed up. He has a tournament soon. So he's got a lot of work and I'm surprised that he was able to come all the way over here for a few hours to watch me ski."

Clearly Tiger Woods showing up to share in Lindsey Vonn's huge win was the icing on her cake this weekend. How wonderful she had his--and her family's--support for this milestone accomplishment.

And now it's no doubt off to the dentist for Tiger.

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