Lindsey Vonn Risks Tiger's Temper for Prank

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Millions of golf lovers watched the President's Cup this week in Dublin, Ohio, hoping to catch a glimpse of their favorite players. What they got in addition to that was a surprise.

Lindsey Vonn, olympic athlete and girlfriend (with questionable standards) of 7 months to Tiger Woods, got the chance to hold "Sammy" the adorable and squirming squirrel that was serving as good luck charm to David Love III. Love started feeding the squirrel treats out of his pocket earlier that day.

The 28-year-old olympic skier then placed the squirrel on Tiger's back when he wasn't looking. "Don't turn around, don't turn around.", a voice on the video warns him. Lindsey, however, broke into a huge a grin as the animal crawled up her boyfriend's neck.

Millions of views waited with baited breath for the reaction. Would he slip into trademark Tiger rage or keep his cool in order to spare his still-shiny, new relationship with the blonde beauty?

The 37-year-old golf pro initially looked a little perturbed. He grabbed her hand and brushed the squirrel away. Luckily for her, and for him, he caught himself and was a good sport for the prank.

For good measure, they were later snapped sitting in her golf cart smiling and laughing with "Sammy" perched on the golfer's shoulders. So, whatever happened to the now-famous woodland critter turned golf fan?

"Sammy" will live out the rest of his cute life comfortably at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. He will be taken and placed there sometime this weekend. I'm sure the squirrel life will be pretty sweet for such a sweet critter.

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