Lindsay Lohan Short On Her Community Service Hours, Could Face Arrest

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For a minute there, it seemed like Lindsay Lohan’s problems with the law are over.

But reports that she might not have finished the extra community service hours given her could land the one-time famous actress in jail.

The Parent Trap star is scheduled for a probation progress report on Thursday but according to Santa Monica City Attorney Terry White, the actress has done less than 20 of 125 extra community service hours.

The additional hours of community service was tacked on her probation after White challenged the log sheet she submitted in January for her 2012 reckless driving conviction.

"There were things she did that didn't qualify as community service," White explained at the time.

The prosecutor was referring to the 28-year-old actress’ dubious claims that youth volunteers “shadowing” her and appearing in a play are considered community service activities.

"We'll probably ask that her probation be revoked," Santa Monica City Attorney Terry White told the New York Daily News on Wednesday. "It doesn't appear she's taking it very seriously."

The former child star has until May 28 to complete her community service hours but White appears to be tired of giving the actress another chance.

"She's had more than enough opportunity to finish,” the prosecutor claims. “But she turned in some hours that were extremely suspect, that the court disallowed, and now, given the last chance of all last chances, she's come up woefully short.”

Lohan, who’s doing her community service through London based Community Service Volunteers, tried to make it appear that she’s busy when she posted a photo on Instagram of a stack of envelopes with the caption “Community Service – office day”.

It’s doubtful that the prosecutor and the judge will be swayed by that pathetic attempt.

However, in the event that the judge finally gets fed up and does issue an arrest warrant, Lohan can simply stay in London forever.

After all, the US has no extradition treaty for a misdemeanor.


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