Lindsay Lohan Reportedly In Talks To Write Memoir

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Lindsay Lohan is reportedly talking to some publishing houses about a possible autobiography, and she's looking to work with a very famous author to ghostwrite it.

Lohan, who made headlines recently when she posted bikini pics after an unflattering side-boob photo showed up in the media, allegedly wants to work with E.L. James (50 Shades Of Grey) on the book, which will reportedly hold nothing back.

"Lindsay held meetings at major publishing houses in London recently and the stories she promised the literary agents made their jaws drop. She's prepared to put everything out there and has already proved she's not shy with the list of men she claims to have slept with," said a source.

That list was the topic of a lot of conversation recently, as it was full of famous names. Actor James Franco, who is included on the list, has said the two of them weren't intimate, although it wasn't for lack of trying on her part. He claims she kept harassing him at a hotel until he let her into his room, at which point he read her a story. The scene is detailed in a short story he wrote for Vice earlier this year called "Bungalow 89".

The star is reportedly also talking about working with J.K. Rowling, although she has not confirmed it. Recently she's been on vacation and has been posting photos to Instagram as she relaxes with friends.

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