Lindsay Lohan Faces Possible Jail Time

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Lindsay Lohan could actually be looking at doing time.

The troubled starlet has been in London trying to make a comeback on stage with her play, Speed the Plow.

She is also supposed to have been doing community service for her reckless driving conviction.

Lindsay Lohan's London community service was against the better judgement of the D.A., who “never wanted Lindsay to be able to do the hours in London, but another judge, handling the case at the time, approved it,” a source told Radar.

The problem is, Lindsay Lohan still hasn't turned in her probation records proving her community service was done in London as ordered.

Time is ticking, and Lindsay Lohan could possibly be facing jail time if she doesn't turn them in by her court date on Wednesday.


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Sources said, “These were very, very basic inquiries, such as how was Lindsay monitored, who supervised her work. It does seem odd that none of that information has been sent, especially since there is a court date scheduled for Feb. 18th.”

That court date for Lindsay Lohan was set after questions arose after some fishy-looking reports surfaced that she got community service credit for doing meet and greets, as well as signing autographs for fans.

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There was also a suspicious report that Lindsay Lohan had worked ten days in a row, eight hours each, to try and get her community service done.

Yeah, that doesn't sound like the Lindsay Lohan we know.

Other insiders told Radar that Los Angles Deputy City Attorney Terry White is “expected to ask Judge Richard Stone to terminate Lindsay’s probation, and will recommend she serve jail time because of the lack of transparency regarding the completion of community service hours.”

If Lindsay Lohan doesn't turn in those records, she could be facing 30 days in prison.

What do you think? Should Lindsay Lohan have even been allowed to serve her community service in London?

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