Lindsay Lohan 20/20 Interview Canceled Now

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Lindsay Lohan's personal troubles are causing problems for those who want to know just what the hell is going on with her; the actress has reportedly backed out of an in-depth interview with Barbara Walters because her rep thinks it would be bad for her current legal situation.

Lohan's year of on-set antics, automobile mishaps, theft, illness, family drama, and lying to the cops would sure make for a good watch, but unfortunately those who are curious won't get to see her sit down with Babs anytime soon. With the recent accusation that she wasn't truthful to police about who was driving when she rear-ended an 18-wheeler earlier this year, she could be facing jail time (since she was already on probation for another offense). Her handlers obviously think an interview could be detrimental to her future with all the legal mess, and while they're probably right, it's still a blow to those who want to hear the stories straight from Lindsay's mouth.

She's reportedly said she wants to reschedule, however, so there may be some light at the end of the tunnel yet.

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