Linda Perry Backpedals After Dissing Lady Gaga’s Oscar-Nominated Song

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Linda Perry may have spoken too much, too soon.

The American rock veteran previously criticized Lady Gaga’s Oscar nomination alongside esteemed songwriter Diane Warren for the song, “Til It Happens to You,” saying that Gaga is “not deserving” of the recognition and that Warren should be the sole recipient of the nomination.

In a series of tweets that she posted on Monday, Linda Perry said that Lady Gaga’s only contribution to the song was a rewrite of the last line of the song, which is hardly worthy of sharing the nomination with Warren.

“I have Diane's original demo with her singing. The only line that has been changed ‘Till you're at the end, the end of your rope,’” Perry wrote. “Originally was ’TIL YOU GOT A HOLE RIPPED IN YOUR SOUL.’”

She also implied that Warren may have included Lady Gaga in the songwriting credits in order to promote the song through the 29-year-old pop singer’s fame and star power.

The song was written especially for the film, The Hunting Ground, a documentary about sexual assault on college campuses.

Linda Perry Claims Lady Gaga Wrote Only A Single Line in this Song

However, Warren reacted to Linda Perry’s allegations and defended Gaga’s inclusion in the nomination through her own Twitter page.

“The song is the result of a special collaboration between myself and Lady Gaga,” Warren wrote. “As Lady Gaga and I have consistly [sic] said. “To you was inspired by the countless survivors of abuse who need our support and love so they know they're not alone.”

Just hours after her initial tweets, Linda Perry backpedaled and apologized for her earlier comments.

“My sincere apologies. I made a mistake to comment. I wasn’t in the room when the #TIHTY was being written,” Perry wrote.

More importantly, I wish the focus to remain on the great importance of the song and the message of the film."

Linda Perry also wrote the song entitled “Hands of Love” for the film Freeheld, but was not included in the Academy’s list of music nominees.

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