Linda Kozlowski Files For Divorce From Paul Hogan


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Linda Kozlowski Hogan took center stage in 1986 when she starred in the hit movie, Crocodile Dundee, which went on to encourage the release of a sequel in 1988. Both movies were led by Australian action man, Paul Hogan, who Linda Kozlowski married in 1990. Tragically, the sparkle of being a Hollywood couple both in front of the cameras and behind the cameras is over as Linda has filed for divorce.

Fifty-five-year-old Kozlowski cited irreconcilable differences when she filed for divorce in Los Angeles from 74-year-old Paul Hogan. While there is no indication of infidelity in the marriage, it has been reported that the nineteen year age gap may have played a role in the split. Both parties are handling the divorce amicably.


Paul Hogan's manager, Douglas Urbanski, recently spoke with the Daily News about the peaceful divorce. "It's a very, very amicable split. I've never seen anything so friendly," Urbanski said.

Both have one son, Chance, where custody concerns are not a problem due to the friendly nature of the divorce.

Paul Hogan has five other children from a previous marriage to Noelene, who he divorced to be with Linda Kozlowski.

There appears to be no hard feelings anymore between Paul and Noelene - though their divorce was quite scandalous at the time - who had a thirty year union together. His former wife had already spoken about her marriage to Paul.

"I had him when he was young, virile and handsome. He's still got a good butt and good legs but she's got him in older times when all he wants to do is sit around the house and not go out. I was the one who had the best years of his life," Noelene said.

The divorce has not come as a surprise. The couple sold their Malibu mansion in September for $4.8 million to Thor actor Chris Hemsworth.

[Image Via YouTube And Wikimedia Commons - Courtesy of Roland Fischer]