Limited Edition PS4 Celebrates 20 Years Of PlayStation


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Can you believe that the PlayStation brand is 20 years old? What started out as Sony's attack on Nintendo for reneging on an agreement to co-produce a console has now become a household name in gaming. To celebrate its 20 years in the business, Sony is making a limited edition PS4.

Sony announced today that it will be making a limited edition PS4 that's colored gray to mimic the color scheme of the original PlayStation. There will only be 12,300 of the consoles manufactured worldwide so you can imagine that people will be paying top dollar to get their hands on one of these limited edition machines.

Here's Sony's Sid Shuman talking about the limited edition PS4:

Hardware isn't the only thing Sony is using to celebrate 20 years of PlayStation. Sony's Japanese branch also created this great look at a bunch of franchises that grew up on PlayStation, including Final Fantasy, Tekken, Ridge Racer and more.

PlayStation fans will be able to check out the limited edition PS4 at this weekend's PlayStation Experience in Las Vegas. At the same event, fans will get the first details regarding how they can get their hands on the new console.