Lily Allen's Alleged Behavior Has Friends Worried About A Return to the Party Life

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Lily Allen has a history of some pretty serious partying in the day, and now friends are worried that she has returned to her wild past, according to the British magazine Grazia.

The British singer became an overnight sensation in 2006 with her debut single, Smile, and knew how to get her party on.

But things changed after she married husband Sam Cooper, had their two daughters, Marnie and Ethel, and turned her back on the limelight and the music scene to settle into a more domestic existence.

Earlier this year, Allen released her third studio album, Sheezus, and with the return to the music scene, seems to have slipped right back into her old ways – according to Grazia.

"It's like, as soon as she had her new album out, she jumped into a Tardis and went back to Lily Allen 2005. She seemed to be keen to prove she could be a success again and could get the whole pop star mommy thing totally right," a source told the magazine.

"But there are some who think she has succumbed to all the pressures that forced her to retreat from the spotlight last time. She's rumored to have lost three stone on a self-proclaimed diet of crisps, she is prolific on Twitter and reacts to any negative comments. It feels as if she's allowing herself to get sucked right back into that world," said the source.

Allen has been touring with Miley Cyrus in America and that can't be good for her if she wants to avoid temptation.

Reports say the singer is upset over mixed reviews of the new album, which may make her want to blow off some steam. Still, the insider remembers how Allen struggled to remove herself from the limelight.

"The crazy thing is it was such a battle for her to have kids and get out of the celebrity world. She was so happy when she married Sam, and she kept saying that all she ever wanted was a normal life in the country with and their kids," the insider added.

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