LG May Release A Smart Watch Alongside Its Next Smartphone [Report]

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The smart watch market isn't expected to do all that well this holiday season, and for good reason. There's just not enough options out there yet, and what is there only works with certain hardware. That all may change in 2014, however, as more smartphone manufacturers release companion smart watch devices. In fact, LG may just be the latest company to be planning such a move.

The Korea Herald reports that LG may be planning a smart watch to accompany its new flagship smartphone for 2014 - the LG G3. The latest smartphone from LG is said to feature Android 4.4, a 2.2 GHz octa-core CPU and a fingerprint sensor. If true, it's aiming to be a powerful piece of hardware and LG may have an equally powerful smart watch to accompany it.

Unfortunately, we know absolutely nothing about the rumored smart watch at this point except that it's called the G-Arch. When Engadget asked LG about the wearable device, they were only told that the company is working on what it calls a "wearable product." That certainly sounds like the G-Arch to me, but it could also be referencing the G-Health fitness wristband that LG unveiled earlier this year at CES 2013. If LG gets really adventurous, the "wearable product" in its product pipeline may just be both.

While we may know nothing about the G-Arch, we can at least speculate about a few things. For starters, LG is allegedly positioning the G-Arch as a companion device for the LG G3. This could point to the G-Arch being only usable on LG products, much like how Samsung's Galaxy Gear can only be used on Samsung smartphones.

It could also be assumed that the G-Arch will feature its own custom operating system, much like the Galaxy Gear. This would allow LG to push both the G-Arch and G3 as complimentary devices making the G-Arch essentially worthless without a smartphone to tether to. That means those looking for a smart watch that runs Android will have to look elsewhere.

Finally, with Google and LG being so friendly these days, it wouldn't be out of the question to see LG produce a smart watch for Google. We already know that Google is working on an Android-powered wearable device and Google will most likely include it in its Nexus-line of products. Google may just tap LG to help them make it, and it may end up looking a lot like the G-Arch. After all, this year's Nexus 5 is essentially LG's G2 without the silly backface buttons.

So, when will be seeing this LG G-Arch and the G3? It looks we'll have to wait until February for Mobile World Congress 2014. We might see a sneak peek, however, at CES in January.

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