LG Launching Cloud on May 1st

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LG Corp., the second largest electronics manufacturer in South Korea behind Samsung, is launching its own cloud services, aptly called LG Cloud. The platform is a bit different than a more orthodox cloud environment, as it's meant to merely share multimedia content - i.e. it's sort of a cross between Youtube and Photobucket. The new service will enter its beta phase on May 1st, and will only be available for Android, for the time being.

Th LG Cloud app for Android can be downloaded at LG Smart World or Google Play, and automatically synchs all content on a user's smart device to the drive, and in turn almost instantaneously makes it available for streaming on other devices. Likewise, content can also be uploaded from a desktop to the virtual drive, smartphone, smart TV, or set-top box. The LG Cloud will exist in free or pay versions, and supports 3D video.

In related news, Google just launched its own cloud service called Drive, and likewise bumped all Gmail accounts to 10 gigs. It's hard to understand why LG would put the research and development (money) into building their own cloud for their Android devices, when Youtube and Flickr are free. Time will tell what the angle might be.

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