Lexi Bowie: David Bowie's Daughter Was Able To Experience Him As David Jones, Father

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Lexi Bowie knew our David Bowie as only a daughter can know her father.

To Lexi Bowie the legendary musician was simply David Jones, her dad.

It is only appropriate that David Bowie spent the last decade of his life in the prized domestic role.

He was frequently spotted in New York with Lexi Bowie on school runs or out with Lexi and his wife, Iman, just enjoying the city.

Iman once said their life included, “going to the park and sitting in cafés. We’re just ordinary people. Our life is domestic.”

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Bowie's longtime friend and keyboardist Mike Garson revealed that his decision to live out his final years as solely a husband to Iman and father to Lexi Bowie came after his last, somewhat disastrous tour.

During his Reality tour in 2004, a staff member met with a tragic end and Bowie himself suffered a blocked artery onstage. He was rushed to a nearby hospital where an emergency angioplasty was performed.

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Garson said, "Three-quarters through the Reality tour, he said, 'You know, Mike, after this tour, I'm just going to be a father and live a normal life. And I'm going to be there for Lexi while she grows up. I missed it the first time.'"

The "first time" Bowie was referring to is his son, originally named Zowie Bowie, who he had with his first wife, Angie Bowie.

Zowie Bowie was later changed to Duncan Jones. He is now a director in his 40's, and despite Bowie admitting that he "missed it", the two remained close.

Lexi Bowie was fortunate to have her father totally involved in her life and David Bowie clearly enjoyed his days as her father.

What do you think about David Bowie settling down to be a husband to Iman and father to Lexi Bowie in his final years?

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