Let's Talk iPhone: Tim Cook discusses non-iPhone Products

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It's quite an interesting day for Apple.

Today is their first media event since former CEO Steve Jobs stepped down back in August. Tim Cook took the stage and discussed various products.

OS X Lion:
- Six million copies of Lion have been downloaded so far -- 80% more than Snow Leopard.
- Comparing OS X Lion to Windows 7 -- it took 20 weeks to reach 10% of the Windows install, it only took Lion 2 weeks.

- Cook stated that Air is "thin and light and beautiful and wicked fast - our customers love it and our competitors have been trying to copy it." (Which is a shot at Inte's Ultrabook we believe)

MacBook Pro and iMac:
- Cook said: "The MacBook Pro and the iMac are the number one best selling notebook and desktop in the United States."
- The Mac platform has grown by more than 23% since last year... the PC was only 4%
- Cook also said that this trend could be dated back five years, when Apple was approaching 60 million Mac users worldwide.
- 23% market share for Apple as of August 2011
- "There are still 77% of people who are buying something else. What does that mean? We have an incredibly high ceiling here. We have a long way to go."

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