Let a Basketball Teach You Why You Should Put Down Your Damn Phone

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We're all glued to our devices at all times. It's just the way the world works now. Ted Cruz is likely running for President, Miley Cyrus has more Twitter followers than any heads of state, and your teenage daughter is going to be Snapchatting at the dinner table. These are just realties, however painful, that we all must accept.

But still, let this serve as a cautionary tale – a plea from the universe to occasionally put away your phone and look at what's in front of you.

Because you never know what's going to be in front of you. I mean, really close to you. RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR FACE.

What you just watched is two women at a Charlotte Hornets game who happened to score some pretty sweet seats, but are still unable to put away the smartphone. You watch one of them suffer the ultimate price.


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