Lester Holt, Stefan Holt: 'Like Father-Like Son' Interaction on NBC

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Lester Holt is presently serving as anchor for the NBC Nightly News show while Brian Williams is on his six-month suspension from the network. On Monday, Lester had a fun broadcasting experience that not all news anchors can claim.

You see, Lester Holt's son, Stefan Holt, followed in his dad's footsteps. Stefan anchors an NBC morning show in Chicago, but on Monday he anchored the evening news instead. This means he 'threw' the newscast to his famous dad from Chicago to New York in what could be described as a rather delightful moment for both men.

"Hi, Dad!" Stefan said as he handed off the newscast from the Chicago studio to Lester Holt in New York.

"I've got to check my watch. I thought this was the morning," Lester said. "Good to see you, Stefan, proud of you."

The interaction clearly made a huge impact on Lester Holt.

Can you even imagine the pride Lester Holt must feel in simply knowing his son has followed in his footsteps in the world of broadcast journalism? Add to that the throw-back of the news from son to father that occurred on Monday, and Lester is certainly one proud papa.

Do you foresee Lester Holt anchoring the NBC Nightly News on a permanent basis, or do you expect after six months away that Brian Williams will return to the network instead?

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