Les Paul Google Doodle Now Forever Playable

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Google has provided us with a permanent way to zap productivity, as it has announced the final resting place of its smash hit Les Paul Doodle.

On Thursday, Google unveiled a playable doodle to honor guitar pioneer Les Paul on what would be his 96th birthday. The famous musician and inventor died in 2009.

Not only could you play the doodle guitar with your keyboard or by strumming with your mouse, but you could also record your creations and share them across the web. Les Paul Doodle Songs became a pretty popular trend on YouTube, with people recreating everything from the Titanic theme song to Stairway to Heaven. The Les Paul playable doodle even got the obligatory Rick-roll.

With all the great tunes you've created, we had to give the #LesPaul doodle a permanent home. Keep on rockin! http://t.co/9Pwdfve 2 days ago via web · powered by @socialditto

This latest interactive addition to the vast doodle collection is already one of the more popular doodles ever, sure to challenge the much beloved Pacman doodle for the title of "most loved time-waster ever." Now, it will be playable for eternity at google.com/logos/2011/lespaul.html.

Before we (most likely) leave the Les Paul Doodle for good, here's one more video of the thing in action. This time it's Rage Against The Machine's Tom Morello with his own little creation:

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