Leopard Attack Over: Big Cat Finally Exits Meerut


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Citizens of Meerut, India are finally getting back to normal life after days of being held hostage by a leopard. The animal was first spotted in the Indian village on Sunday.

Local forest official Sushant Sharma told CNN on Tuesday that an attempt had been made to capture the big cat when it was cornered in an area hospital. However the leopard found a way to outsmart its would-be captors and scurry away.

A series of photos and clips claim to show the leopard on the prowl. Despite the alleged sightings, no one was ever able to capture the animal. Even now the location of the big cat is unconfirmed.

During the time period it is thought to have occupied Meerut, the dangerous animal was blamed for several injuries. One of victims of an attack by the leopard was a local policeman. The man was treated for a gash on his shoulder.

To reduce the number of potential victims, especially child victims, Meerut businesses and schools were closed.

Despite the precautions taken and reported injuries, much of the reaction to the wild animal was that of curiosity and excitement on the part of residents. Locals were eager to capture images of or just a glimpse of the mysterious leopard.

As time passed without a sighting or attack, the decision was made on Tuesday to reopen schools and market places.

Buildings were carefully screened in order to be sure of their safety and parents were instructed to escort their children to school as an additional security measure.

Despite the steps taken yesterday, Meerut officials insist that the leopard has likely gone back into the forest and that there will be no further attacks.

People living in the Indian village had a good reason to fear serious danger posed by having a leopard on the loose. A 5-year-old boy had been killed a few days ago after being fatally mauled by a leopard in the Indian town of Ratanpur in Chhattisgarh's Bilaspur district.

It is also the latest in a series of incidents involving a big cat going into a populated area and attacking citizens.

Image via Wikimedia Commons