Leonardo DiCaprio: Russian Lookalike Posts Spoof Photos Depicting "The Revenant," Winning an Oscar

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Leonardo DiCaprio has a lookalike in the Russian army. The photo of the man--Roman Burtsev--made headlines in January. Since then, Burtsev has clearly had lots of fun impersonating Leonardo DiCaprio--sharing photos of made up scenes from The Revenant and pretending to win an Oscar.

И Оскар достается ... #ДиКаприо24 #романсдикаприо

A photo posted by Роман Бурцев (@roman_sdicaprio) on

It's really uncanny how closely this man resembles Leonardo DiCaprio. He weighs more than the handsome star of The Revenant, however, and is often referred to as "fat Leo" or "fat Leonardo DiCaprio."

#Выживший #романсдикаприо #ДиКаприо24

A photo posted by Роман Бурцев (@roman_sdicaprio) on

Check out Roman Burtsev as he lets his fans know the bear didn't reign supreme in his version of The Revenant.

Римейк #ДиКаприо24 #романсдикаприо

A photo posted by Роман Бурцев (@roman_sdicaprio) on

In this next photo, Bertsev channeled Leonardo DiCaprio from days gone by--as Jack in Titanic. You'll love his spoof of the iconic scene.

In this next photo, Burtsev won an Oscar, something Leonardo DiCaprio is hoping for, and something his fans believe is long overdue.

Получаю Оскар ? #романсдикаприо #ДиКаприо24

A photo posted by Роман Бурцев (@roman_sdicaprio) on

What do you think of Leonardo DiCaprio's Russian lookalike? Might the actor strive to meet the man who so desperately wants to be him one day?

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