This Is How Leonardo Dicaprio REALLY Dances


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It keeps popping up on your Facebook feed but you’re not sure what the hell it is. One could say it's the modern day version of Lollapalooza, or, arguably, Woodstock. It’s where the resurrection of Tupac via hologram happened, where Jack White had an emotional hang-upThe Flaming Lips rolled on their audience in a giant human hamster ball, and now, in 2014, where Leonardo DiCaprio performed his jungle dance.

General basic admission goes for $375 and sold out in less than three hours.

To the layman, Coachella is a two-weekend, three day indie music and arts festival that’s held annually in Indio Valley, California. To others, Coachella is a yuppie paradise full of MDMA, hipsters, and weird costumes. Whatever. It is one of the largest and most profitable music festivals in America, grossing $67 million in 2013. Past line ups for Coachella included musicians like Prince, Radio Head, Madonna, Wu-Tang Clan, Morrissey, Daft Punk, Jay-Z, The Cure, et al.

The Titanic star is a four-time Oscar nominee who recently started in The Wolf of Wall Street where he wiggles, robots, and pop and locks it like a coked out scam artist wall street banker; he frequents Coachella, making his appearance known this year. In this video you’ll find DiCaprio masked, hiding like a ninja at to avert crowd goers from going bananas.

The above video is allegedly Mr. DiCaprio thugging it out to MGMT’s “Kids” with his buddy like a wild gangsta Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

This year, Coachella is spread out over two weekends – April 11-13 and 18-20 – line ups include: Arcade Fire, Muse, Outkast, Lorde, and a load of other performers.

Paul Wesley from The Vampire Diaries also stopped by at the festival.

Image via Wikimedia Commons