Lenovo Could Overtake LG in the Smartphone Market

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For years now the smartphone market has largely been largely dominated by Apple and Samsung. Apple has set trends for the high-end market and Samsung has followed along while also flooding the smartphone markets with a wide variety of devices at every price point. Other Android smartphone manufacturers' market share falls far behind that of Samsung, but the battle for third place is still wide open.

Currently another Korean company, LG, holds third place in global Android smartphone market share. It could be, however, that one of the up-and-coming Chinese companies could soon overtake it.

A new DigiTimes report this week points out that Lenovo, one of the current fastest-growing smartphone (and PC) manufacturers, could soon overtake LG. The report's unnamed "Taiwan-based supply chain makers" claim that Lenovo's recent Motorola acquisition will bring it immediately into market share close to companies such as LG, HTC, and Sony.

Lenovo already controls a significant portion of emerging market Android smartphone market share. Motorola also controls a well-known brand in established western markets. As industry growth shifts to countries such as China, Lenovo could continue raising its shipment quantities at a variety of price points.

At this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Lenovo showed off its Vibe Z, a high-end smartphone that the company released first in markets such as Indonesia and Malaysia. The company also unveiled two mid-priced S-series smartphones and the low-end A859, demonstrating that the company is well ahead of manufacturers such as HTC and BlackBerry, which are just now beginning to focus on the low end of the market.

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