Lena Headey Will Narrate Audiobook of "Low Down"

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While she was already set to appear in the film adaptation of the book, Lena Headey is now going to be narrating the audiobook version of the memoir, Low Down. The film is set to be released next year, and already has an excellent cast set, including Headey as Sheila Albany.

The book is a memoir that tells the story from A.J. Albany's perspective, as the daughter of jazz pianist Joe Albany, detailing what it was like growing up with a musician for a parent. Lena Headey plays the A.J.'s mother, Sheila in what is likely to be a hit film.

In addition to Lena Headey's role in the film as her mother, A.J. Albany will be played by Elle Fanning, and her father's role will be filled by John Hawkes.

The audio edition of the book was released on Tuesday by Simon and Schuster, and features the British actress' voice as the narrator.

Prior to her involvement with the Low Down project, Lena Headey has gained much of her fame from the popular hit HBO show, Game Of Thrones. The 40-year-old actress also played the title role of Sarah Connor in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, in addition to several film roles including 300 and The Brothers Grimm.

First published in 2003, the book tells a true story of what it was like for Amy "A.J." Albany growing up with a famous jazz pianist for a father.

Lena Headey has established herself as one of the most desired actresses in the industry due to her Game Of Thrones fame, and will likely show why when she appears in the film version of Low Down. She is a native of Britain, but has certainly won over fans worldwide after three seasons of the show.

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