Lena Dunham: Malia Obama Works On Set of 'Girls,' May Have Helped President's Daughter Get Internship

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Lena Dunham may have been instrumental in helping Malia Obama get her summer job. Of course the fact that she's the president's daughter didn't hurt either.

It seems Malia is a big fan of Lena Dunham, and when the Girls actress visited the White House a while back, the first daughter admitted as much to Dunham.

“She’s a fan, and she mentioned that to Lena [Dunham] when she came to the White House,” a source close to the production said in a recent interview with Us Weekly. “I’m not sure how long she’ll be interning for. It’s a bit of a trial thing for her. They’ve known each other and discussed for a while. Lena and her get along great.”

So far Malia Obama has delivered coffee to Lena Dunham and her cast mates and crew, and has helped keep fans away from the Girls set.

Working for Lena Dunham isn't Malia Obama's first celebrity encounter, however. Last summer she interned for Halle Berry on the set of Extant.

At the end of this summer, Malia will return to her final year at the private Sidwell Friends School in Washington, D.C. A year from this fall she will head to college.

She will no doubt impress her new friends--as well as those she'll spend her senior year with--when she dishes on what it was like working all summer in such close proximity to Lena Dunham.

But then again, she's Malia Obama. People are probably already a bit in awe of her for being President Obama's daughter.

Do you suppose she might shower her BFFs with merchandise or souvenirs signed by Lena Dunham at the end of her summer internship?

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