Learn More About Elizabeth In New BioShock Infinite Trailer

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Besides the wonderful mockumentary series currently running, there's not been a traditional trailer for BioShock Infinite since the end of January. That all changed today with the longest trailer for the title yet that hopes to provide some answers regarding the game's most mysterious character - Elizabeth.

For those who may not know, Elizabeth is the young lady that BioShock Infinite's protagonist, Booker DeWitt, was sent to save. Like any good trailer, it raises more questions to keep players hyped until release. There will undoubtedly be plenty of discussion regarding the game's still mysterious plot until then.

The latest trailer confirms yet again that she will be a valuable asset in battle, but her existence will hopefully not be reduced to that of a glorified escort quest. Many promising partners in games have had their reputations destroyed by being tied to a gameplay system that should have died off years ago. Here's hoping Irrational Games gets it right by making Elizabeth integral to the core game without resorting to archaic design sensibilities.

BioShock Infinite launches across Xbox 360, PS3 and PC on March 26.

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