Leaping Bill Gates, Google Prediction API, and Jabba the Hutt

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When you see Bill Gates, a few things come to mind: billionaire, philanthropy, Windows, etc. One thing that probably doesn't come to mind is athletic ability, which makes sense.

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See Bill Gates leap a chair in a single bound.

See how Google's Prediction API works, it's pretty neat.

Have you heard that utterly atrocious song by Maroon 5 "Moves Like Jagger"? If you haven't consider yourself lucky. If you're amongst the poor bastards that have, you might find some humor in this video, as it's a parody entitled "Moves Like Jabba".

Here is a video about how GNC decided to go mobile and their decision to utilize Google Commerce Search)

Google has changed the way their approach working with developers... they show you how with a pop-up book. Well played Google, well played.

A guy conducts several iPhone 4S vs Galaxy SII tests. Let the arguing commence between the fanboys... Go!

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