LeAnn Rimes' Shoots 'Gasoline and Matches' Video with iPhones


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Grammy award-winning singer LeAnn Rimes has definitely proved that simplicity can be one of the most idealistic forms of creativity. Her latest music video, 'Gasoline and Matches' didn't require the use of studios, film locations, or camera crews because she simply used an iPhone.

With the use of the ever-popular Vine mobile application, Rimes was able to shoot the entire video using only iPhones. The 'Blue Moon' singer collaborated with animator, Ian Padgham and producer Darrell Brown to create the video.

According to UPI, 'Gasoline and Matches' features a series of 'stop-motion scenes,' which are comprised of more than 8,000 sequenced still images. The series of still images were later edited to create a stitched affect so the video would flow accordingly.

Rimes recently spoke with Hollywood Reporter with details on how the video concept came about. She also went into detail explaining how two iPhones were used to put the video together.

“Darrell turned me onto Ian’s Vine account, and I’d never seen anything like it,” Rimes told Hollywood Reporter. “I was shocked that nobody had done a (music) video like that before, and I jumped at the chance to do it. My part in it took 20 or 30 minutes at the most. Ian flew to Dublin, where I was on tour, and put two iPhones up and filmed me doing two passes of the song, along with a few odd things like ‘Reach for a star’ or ‘Pretend you’re falling.’”

Padgham was also asked of his secret to success in methodically structuring a music video with such an astronomical number of pictures. "Patience definitely is up there," Padgham quipped.

"It's all very basic and rudimentary," he added. "There are certainly plenty of applications like Vine that are free that people could use to just do the same thing, shot by shot. It takes a lot of work and thought, but anyone can get a phone or camera and start making their own similar things. I hope it inspires people to do their own stuff. You don't need a lot of special tools, and it's getting back to that very simple, very handmade way of producing art."

'Gasoline and Matches' is the fourth single from Rimes' Spitfire album, which was released Apr. 26. The song, which features rock guitar legend Jeff Beck, and Matchbox Twenty lead singer Rob Thomas, was written by country singer-songwriter Buddy Miller and his wife, Julie.

Image via Facebook| LeAnn Rimes