LeAnn Rimes, Eddie Cibrian: Reality Show Gets the Ax

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LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian's reality TV show, LeAnn & Eddie, got the ax from VH1 this week, after just one season on the air. The couple, who are famous partly because of being married to other people when they got together--LeAnn Rimes to Dean Sheremet and Eddie Cibrian to Real Housewives star Brandi Glanville--bared all in their relationship as the basis for the show.

In the first episode of LeAnn & Eddie, LeAnn Rimes insisted she wasn't a 'home wrecker,' and assured fans they'd see the real scoop about what went on. Apparently fans weren't too impressed and those on the fence didn't find her to be convincing enough, because a cancellation is almost always due to lack of viewers.

"This show gave us an opportunity to take back our lives in a way and show a different side of us than what people really believe," Rimes explained when season one premiered. "Look, if their minds are changed or opened or whatever, that's wonderful. But if not, I don't think we're really set up to change anyone's mind."

Maybe the only world LeAnn Rimes should be intent on changing is her own? Why anyone would want to air their relationship from its conception--filled with cheating and lies--and expect it to become something viewers would tune in to week after week?

Brandi Glanville was vehemently opposed to the reality show from the beginning--and more so once it was aired.

She said that the program is “about them bashing me, and they’re using my children to promote it.”

VH1 gave it a shot--possibly because of the big names (mostly LeAnn Rimes and Brandi Glanville) and LeAnn and Eddie's rather sordid pasts.

LeAnn Rimes didn't seem particularly phased on the day VH1 announced the cancellation of LeAnn & Eddie. In fact, she posted something that mildly tasted of defiance on her Instagram account.

It was captioned, "And proud of it.... #stillbuilding #since5yearsold lol #letsdothis #strength #persistent #dreambig (in no relation to anything other than promoting kicking butt for yourself AND I saw it in an ice cream store last night."

Were you a fan of VH1's LeAnn & Eddie? Should LeAnn Rimes stick to singing and stay out of the reality TV world?

Brandi Glanville is likely dancing a celebratory jig at word of the show's cancellation.

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