Leaked Windows 8 Ads Focus On Tablets And Apps

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The countdown to Windows 8 continues as the Microsoft faithful wait for the release of the new operating system on October 26. Microsoft has been playing it rather low key in the few weeks leading up to launch, but there will be a major television ad campaign to coincide with the launch if recent leaked ads are to be believed.

It's been found that four Windows 8 ads have been leaked to the Web. Each ad has a seemingly different focus, but they all seem to say the same thing - Windows 8 is easy and fun to use. The main focus seems to be on how Windows 8 compliments tablets with desktops playing second fiddle. Here's one of the ads:

As you can see, the ads serve a second purpose as small tutorials. They show users how to navigate the seemingly confusing Windows 8 UI. The only problem is that Microsoft doesn't show enough desktop interaction. Most early adopters are going to be using Windows 8 on desktops, and Microsoft has not shared nearly enough details to help the less proficient users navigate the confusing UI.

Here's another ad that shows a bit more focus on the desktop, but it's still not enough:

Interestingly enough, CNET points out that Microsoft's own Surface tablet does not make an appearance in these ads. They suggest that it might be a move on Microsoft's part to appease OEMs who are angry that the software giant is now making its own hardware. Even then, it stil doesn't make sense. Surface is looking to be the tablet that actually gets Windows 8 into consumers' hands especially if the price is right.

Here's the other two ads that show off more features that are unique to Windows 8. The first looks at how users can personalize the Windows 8 start screen to revolve around their life. The second focuses on the Windows 8 app experience.