Leaked Images Show New MacBook Pro Components

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With Apple's WWDC 2012 keynote just a couple hours away now, last minute information is starting to surface about what Apple will unveil. Photos of what is supposed to be the logic board with a new graphics chip of the new MacBook Pro made their way into the open over the weekend. If the pictures are genuine, the new MacBook Pro will be getting an NVIDIA GeForce 650M graphics chip with 1GB of GDDR5 memory.

New MacBook Pro Logic Board?

There have been rumors for awhile now that most of Apple's Mac computers would be getting sizable updates at this year's WWDC. While it's not clear just what these updates will entail, there have been rumors of a retina display and smaller form factor for the MacBook Pro, retina displays for the MacBook Air and iMac, and Ivy Bridge processors all around (including for the Mac Pro).

You can follow our WWDC 2012 page for all the latest, and for live coverage of today's keynote as soon as it starts. It's scheduled for 10 AM Pacific time, 1 PM Eastern.