Leah Remini Takes Over Erin Andrews' Job

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Leah Remini may not have made it all the way to the end during her time on Dancing With The Stars, but she doesn't seem to have any hard feelings about it. The former King Of Queens star returned to the show this week in a much different capacity: as host.

Remini was filling in for Erin Andrews while she took the week off, and while her sense of humor may be a bit much for some audiences, many were pleasantly surprised at her performance.

The sometimes-outspoken star seemed to drop a hint last week that she wouldn't be holding back just because she'd be on live television.

"So excited to be back on the show, even more excited I don't have to dance! I hope ABC has a delay, gonna speak my mind!" she told E! News.

Andrews needed a break from the show in order to cover the World Series for Fox, so she will be back. However, Remini won over her fans, who took to Twitter to compliment her on how funny she was.

Remini frequently poked fun at the dancers and nipped talk about Alfonso Ribeiro's groin injury, saying, “Let’s not discuss it any further. This is an ABC show!” She later took to Twitter to thank viewers for their support.

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