Leah Remini on Leaving Scientology: Family is 'Closer'

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Leah Remini spoke with Ellen DeGeneres this week about how leaving the controversial Church of Scientology was a good thing and has even made her family closer. The King of Queens actress is now hard at work on a not-yet-named reality show for TLC, and she says that has been a lot of fun for her family, too.

Remini left Scientology in July of 2013 following a serious fall out with the organization's leader David Miscavige. Her leaving was rather controversial and some celebrities, including noted Scientologist Kirstie Alley, came to the organization's defense following Leah's defection.

These days Leah Remini is concentrating on her family and her work and says both the defection and the new TV project has made life pretty darn good. She and her family are "learning new ways to … reconnect with each other."

“So, it really has brought us closer together … we’re stronger and we’re having so much fun together,” she told Ellen.

Fans will are definitely excited about seeing Leah Remini back on TV.

Remini went on to say that her new reality series can be a bit overwhelming at times, but that it is something "her family loves to do."

“Like, I don’t need 25 people in my house everyday,” she joked.

She also mentioned that her stepfather and mother love the reality format.

“And I think that’s a beautiful thing,” she said.

Separating from a controversial organization like Scientology no doubt put an incredible amount of stress on Leah Remini, as well as on her family. She left following a conversation with David Miscavige, the organization's leader, during which she asked where his wife--and her friend--was and she didn't believe his answer. Shelly Miscavige hasn't been seen in public (other than by documented sightings by members of the Church of Scientology) since 2007. Remini filed a missing persons report that was shortly thereafter closed.

"The LAPD has classified the report as unfounded, indicating that Shelly is not missing," a closed report reads.

Leah Remini doesn't believe the report and fears for her friend's well being.

After enduring this kind of angst it is good to see Leah Remini smiling. No word has yet been released about when her TV show will air on TLC. King of Queens fans will no doubt very eagerly await word of her television return.

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