Leah Messer: Is the 'Teen Mom 2' Star Pregnant Again?

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Leah Messer rumors are commonplace for those who follow the Teen Mom 2 star. She has recently sparked a new one on her own by posting a series of pregnancy articles. Already the mom of three--is Leah Messer pregnant again?

Apparently not--and that's a very good thing. The Teen Mom 2 star has a new beau--T.R. Dues--and they've only been dating a few months. Leah Messer confirmed that she most definitely isn't pregnant in a recent Q&A session.

"Babies are not even on my mind," she said. "My girls is all I need."

Statements like that should spark rumors that Leah Messer is attending a local Adult Ed. class in English Grammar 101, but sadly, that would be nothing but a rumor, too.

It's been a difficult few months for Leah. She spent one of them in rehab--something she desperately needed. Her absence wasn't easy on her daughters, however. She and hubby Jeremy Calvert also got divorced--yet another stressor for her girls.

“My girls are very intelligent and know what is going on, but we are taking it day by day,” she said. “They are the happiest most luckiest spoiled girls you’ll ever meet.”

Leah Messer is clearly the "most luckiest" Teen Mom 2 star to lead the life she leads and still have custody of said children.

Leah's first ex-husband, Corey Simms, wants custody of five-year-old twins Ali and Aleeah, but so far the courts have sided with Messer in the custody battle.

Leah Messer claims she isn't worried about what might happen regarding their custody dispute.

"My girls know I am their mommy and no matter what happens they will be of age one day and can not be forced to be away from me,” she said.

Yes, it's a very good thing that Leah Messer isn't pregnant with a fourth child--a very good thing, indeed.

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