Leah Jenner Is Having A Baby With Bruce Jenner's Son, Posts Photo On Instagaram

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Singer and Keeping Up with the Kardashians star, Leah Jenner, is expecting her first child with husband, Brandon Jenner.

The couple could not be happier and announced the great news by posting a photo on Instagram on Sunday afternoon. Albeit simple and less shimmery compared to the Kardashian way of announcements, the exciting news made the headlines in minutes. Leah’s posted photo shows Brandon kissing Leah on the cheek, while cradling her small but showing baby bump. "Well, it's time we share the good news," Leah captioned. "We're having a baby."

The couple met each other in middle school, and deepened their friendship in high school where they made music together. They reunited in 2005 when Brandon made his move. "Brandon came over one day and was like, ‘I am totally in love with you,'" Leah told OK! Magazine. "I was like ‘No, I can't. I can't.' Okay, fine. Yes."

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"The truth is that we are such great friends that we want to be together all the time. So the fact that we get to work together is just a ridiculously awesome bonus," Brandon said. "It's just what works for us. We're both passionate about what we're doing, and we love each other," the indie pop singer added.

Leah, 32, and Brandon, 33, are relatively private  compared to their flashy step-sisters and step-sisters-in-law. Brandon is the son of Bruce Jenner and his ex-wife, Linda Thompson. Neither has yet revealed how far along the pregnancy is.  It looks like fans have one more thing to keep up with from the reality TV stars.

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The celebrity couple has been married since 2012 and has been surrounded with “baby talk” as early as 2013. Rumors were ushered by one episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians where Leah felt ill from “bad airplane food”.

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