Lea Michele Says She's A "Perfectionist" Amidst "Glee" Controversy

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Lea Michele and "Glee" co-star Naya Rivera are making headlines this week after it was reported that Rivera went to the show's producers to complain about Michele's diva-esque behavior, but Michele said in a recent interview that she's simply a perfectionist.

"I'm a perfectionist. Sometimes I wish I could be more laid-back. But working hard and being how I am is what has gotten me to where I am today, and I'm proud of that," she said.

While several different rumors are flying around the web about exactly what happened, the consensus seems to be that Michele walked off set during filming to attend to a personal matter, and that didn't sit well with Rivera.

There's also a rumor that River was fired, but nothing has been confirmed at this time.

It's not the first time Michele has been rumored to be difficult on set, although her costars rallied around her when beau Cory Monteith passed away last year after mixing alcohol and heroin. Michele paid tribute to Monteith with a song on her last album and opened up about it last fall.

“We came up with a beautiful song called ‘If You Say So’ that I wrote about Cory,” she told Ellen DeGeneres. “Grief really just … you can get sucked into it. You can literally lose yourself if you don’t actually die from it, you can lose yourself completely. And I said to [Sia, Michele's songwriter], ‘I need to get out of my house. He would want me to live my life. … ‘ She said, ‘Oh, that’s so crazy. ’cause I wrote this song. It’s called ‘Cannonball,’ and you just said the lyrics.’ She played it for me, and the minute I heard the song, it lifted me up. It picked me up from everything.”

Neither star has commented publicly on the reported "feud".

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