Lauryn Hill's Ex To Marry Supermodel: Twitter Reacts

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Songstress Lauryn Hill (formerly of The Fugees) has had a rough road when it comes to relationships, and because of her celebrity status they always seem to get blown up to become very public, despite her best efforts to keep her private life just that.

Her ex-boyfriend and father of her five children, Rohan Marley--son of Bob Marley--is about to marry Brazilian supermodel Isabeli Fontana, and the news is spreading like wildfire. It's reported that Marley will marry Fontana in Ethiopia.

Hill and Rohan certainly had their share of ups and downs over the course of their courtship; in 2002 she recorded an "Unplugged" version of several of her songs for MTV and had an infamous breakdown during the set, in which tears streamed down her face as she sang "I Gotta Find Peace Of Mind". The lyrics seem to say a lot about the singer's thought processes.

My personal favorite Hill song:

Her fans had a lot to say about the news of Marley's upcoming nuptials on Twitter.

Man poor Lauryn Hill she gave us the Miseducation, went through personal heartbreak,& now he is marrying another woman! (Ex-Factor playing)
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Rohan Marley is the reason Lauryn Hill aint been able to sing a song without crying since 1999.
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Lauryn Hill put her career on hold for 14yrs & had 5 kids by Rohan Marley..He just got engaged to someone he met less than year ago.
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It could all be so simple, but you'd rather make it hard!! Loving you is like a battle, & we both end up with scars!!! -lauryn Hill
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I'm gonna buy Lauryn Hill the finest box of Bic pens so she can channel that anger into an album
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