Lauryn Hill Sentencing: Singer Faces 3 Years

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Lauryn Hill, the Grammy-winning singer formerly with The Fugees, will be sentenced today on three charges of tax evasion.

The 37-year old was charged last summer with evading taxes on the $1.8 million she earned between 2005 and 2007, and the courts say she still owes a substantial amount. She's signed a recording deal with Sony recently and just made a song available on iTunes, but if she can't pay up and the judge decides to forgo the probation her attorney is going for, she could do up to three years of prison time.

Hill is rarely seen publicly anymore and is something of a rare bird on the music scene. She's battled depression and a painful breakup from Rohan Marley, the father of her five children, and has been out of the spotlight for several years now. She does own several companies, however, which may help with her money problems: Creations Music Inc., Boogie Tours Inc., L.H. Productions 2001 Inc,. and Studio 22 Inc.

Amanda Crum
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