Lauren Conrad Shares Her Foodie Secrets

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Lauren Conrad rose to fame on the MTV "reality" drama "The Hills", and while some of her costars have gone on to varying levels of success and fame, LC has stayed in the spotlight across several aspects of the industry. She's a busy lady these days; besides designing her own clothing lines, she's also an author and has just partnered with BlueAvacado to launch her own line of eco-friendly food and drink carriers with cute designs.

"I am all about presentation. I really enjoy baking, and if I go somewhere and bring a dessert, I always bake a pie. That was the idea behind [my XO(eco) carriers]. I was always balancing a pie in my lap on the car ride there and trying not to spill it," she said.

The 28-year old says she loves to cook even with her busy schedule and always takes time at the end of the day to unwind a little in the kitchen.

"It's nice to spend 30 minutes to an hour just having a drink, making dinner and listening to music," she said. "It's my wind-down for the day. I usually try and do new stuff or tweak [recipes] -- nothing crazy, I am not a chef. The craziest I get is swapping out ingredients or trying to make delicious recipes a little healthier."

Conrad, who is engaged to be married soon, hasn't given any hints as to what her dress might look like, but People took some guesses based on her style. The former reality star says she's been thinking about the big day--and the big dress--since she was a teenager.

“Bridal is unique because of the quality of the fabrics and the silhouettes,” she said. “It’s such an important part of someone’s big day, and I always thought that was cool.”

XO(eco) 2013 by BlueAvocado designed by Lauren Conrad from BlueAvocado on Vimeo.

Image via Wikimedia Commons

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