Laura Prepon Talks About Her Character, Alex, Says She's "Broken"

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Laura Prepon is amazing as Alex Vause on the hit show, Orange is the New Black.

Interestingly enough, Laura Prepon didn't ever meet with the real-life ex-con who is the inspiration for her role.

That woman is named Catherine Cleary Wolters and apparently she likes the job Laura Prepon is doing in playing her, so would a meet-up ever be a possibility in the future?

Laura Prepon said that Wolters recently sent her a copy of her memoir, Out of Orange, with a nice letter.

Laura Prepon explained, "She basically was like, 'Thank you so much for your portrayal.'"

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She added, "I was actually really pleasantly surprised because I wasn't sure how she was going to take the fact that I'm playing it a certain way."

By that, Laura Prepon probably means the difference in the show's portrayal of relationships and what happened in real life. Last year, Wolters told Vanity Fair, “We did not have sex in prison. Not even a little bit."

She added of her actual encounters with her fellow inmates, “We were ghosts of the humans we had once been, milling about amongst hundreds of other human ghosts, shackled and chained, prodded through transport centers at gunpoint, moved through holding facilities.”

A meeting between Laura Prepon and Catherine Cleary Wolters wasn't always in the cards.

Prepon said, "When we first started the show I wanted to meet with her and pick her brain and talk to her, you know, and I wasn't allowed to. She was kind of MIA."

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Time will tell if Wolters will appreciate the new direction Laura Prepon is taking her character, Alex, in the new season.

Laura Prepon was kind enough to give a hint about what will be going on.

She said, "Alex is broken. She basically doesn't know how she got back in to prison, she feels like an idiot that she has freedom again and she doesn't know how she got back in there and it's a situation. But it's great, you see all these sides to her that you haven't necessarily seen before."

That sounds awesome! Are you looking forward to enjoying the new direction Laura Prepon takes Alex on the new season of Orange is the New Black?

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