Laura Dowling: Florist Clashes With First Lady's Taste, Escorted From White House

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After being kept in the shadows for over a month, former White House chief florist Laura Dowling’s resignation has been shed some light, like sunlight on flowerbeds.

The Washington Post uncovered on Tuesday that Dowling was “escorted from the building” on Feb.13, according to “a source with close ties to current residence staffers”. The report sparked numerous rumors on what really caused Dowling’s parting from the White House.

Dowling started beautifying the presidential residence in 2009 when she won over retiring White House florist of three decades, Nancy Clarke, with her organic “French look” floral décor. She took to Facebook and excitedly announced, “Laura Dowling is excited and honored to be named the new White House florist.”

Six years after, Dowling’s less formal style seems to lose popularity within the East Wing as it clash with the First Lady’s taste.

The reports further that just days before Dowling left 1600 Penn, the Old Family Dining Room had been re-opened bearing Mrs. Obama’s brand of interior design.

Following a brief statement from the office of the first lady stating that “Laura left her position earlier this year”, an enhanced statement was officially released, maintaining, “Ms Dowling’s creations were always lively and colorful, reflecting not only the season but the unique and historic rooms which they graced. No two arrangements were ever the same and each one left guests with a lasting impression of the elegance and history of the People’s House. We are grateful for her contribution over the years and wish her well.”

Dowling also issued a statement through Sidley Austin law firm, saying that she has “resigned in order to pursue exciting new opportunities and explore my passion for floral artistry and design.”

“Over the next few weeks and months, I’ll be launching a new platform for my work as an author, speaker, instructor and design consultant that builds on the creative ideas and partnerships I’ve formed during my tenure there. It’s been such an honor to work at the White House and I will always be grateful for this incredible opportunity,” the statement continues.

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