Latest Nexus 5 Leak Suggests Device Will Launch November 1

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Earlier this month, Nestle teased that Android 4.4, and presumably the Nexus 5, would be unveiled on October 28. That may still be the case, but a new leak suggests that the Nexus 5 won't actually launch today, but rather a little later in the week.

Over the weekend, the ever reliable @evleaks shared the Nexus 5 press render that we already saw when Google leaked the device itself on the Google Play store. Despite having already seen it, it's still a nice piece of hardware:

Now, things got interesting about 19 hours ago when the account posted the following tweet:

That's a white Nexus 5 with a release date of November 1. It's not too surprising to see a white Nexus 5, but this is the first time that we've yet to see an actual date for the device. Now, this could mean that both the black and white Nexus 5 will launch on November 1, or it could mean that only the white Nexus 5 will launch on November 1 while the black Nexus 5 launches later today. My bet's on the former as Google will probably reveal the device today and open up preorders for a launch next week.

Keep in mind that the October 28 date is something that's only been teased at this point. The @evleaks tweet may very well be pointing to a Google event that's set to take place on November 1 instead. I, and many others, hope it's today, but we won't know for sure until Google says something.

[Image: @evleaks]

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