Las Vegas Hotels - Iowa Casino Data Breach


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A mega casino company running casinos in Nevada, Colorado, Iowa and Missouri has been a victim of a serious cyber attack in early 2013.

The company, Affinity Gaming, had problems with the credit and debit card information of their customers being exposed to cyber thieves at 11 of their sites, between March 14th and October 16th.

Any customers who used their credit or debit card at any of their facilities should be checking their statements closely. The facilities owned by Affinity Gaming include:

Five casinos in Nevada: Silver Sevens Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas; Rail City Casino in Sparks; and Buffalo Bill’s Resort & Casino, Primm Valley Resort & Casino, and Whiskey Pete’s Hotel & Casino, in Primm, near the California state line.

The company also owns Golden Mardi Gras Casino, Golden Gates Casino and Golden Gulch Casino in Black Hawk, Colo.; Lakeside Hotel & Casino in Osceola, Iowa; Mark Twain Casino & RV Park in La Grange, Mo.; and St. Jo Frontier Casino in St. Joseph, Mo.

“Affinity regrets any inconvenience this incident may have caused and has established a confidential, toll-free inquiry line to assist its customers,” the company said in a statement Friday.

The toll-free phone number for customers to call for more information is 877-238-2179.

Affinity wasn't contacted until around October 24th of fraud charges that might have occurred in their Iowa casino, Lakeside Hotel and Casino in Osceola, IA.

An investigation has revealed their systems were infected by malware and could have negatively affected its patrons.

The company posted a warning on their website, November 14, and as of Friday a more wide spread warning was issued.

It wasn’t clear how many cardholders were affected, but Affinity’s lawyer, Jim Prendergast, estimated it was fewer than 300,000.

Authorities are still investigating the source of the hack. Affinity also announced a separate breach at the large Primm Center Gas Station in Primm, NV.

Prendergast said "skimmers that can surreptitiously read debit and credit card data were placed on three gas pumps [ in Primm] on an unknown date, and the situation was cleared by Nov. 29."

Affinity Gaming officials said its system is now secure, but it recommended that customers who visited its casinos and hotels between March 14 and Oct. 16 check their card statements for suspicious activity and put a fraud alert on their accounts.

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