Lara Flynn Boyle: Too Plastic for Hollywood Now?

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Lara Flynn Boyle made a rare public appearance in Beverly Hills on Sunday, April 14th, to the shock and awe of celebriphiles everywhere. At 43, the blue-eyed brunette star, clad in sunglasses, scarf, hoodie and and white pants, looked every bit the casual Sunday stroller. However, in the photos, that were released just this week, the Twin Peaks and The Practice actress was almost unrecognizable, with a puffy face and lips that resembled Anglelina Jolie's after a bar fight. What happened to her?

She has never discussed it, but her changing looks have fired up speculation for several years that she has had some plastic surgery done, according to Us Weekly. Obviously. The actress used to be one of the hottest acts in Hollywood. She dated celebrities like Jack Nicholson, David Spade, Matthew Perry, and Harrison Ford.

The one-time Las Vegas actress most recently starred as a cannibalistic witch in the horror-comedy Hansel & Gretel Get Baked, which was released back in February. Also, back in 2010, it was was reported that Boyle had been working on a pilot for her own reality series, although it never materialized. What reality?

In her heyday, Flynn Boyle came under fire for being the poster child of the late 90's too thin craze. She was bashed several times for looking like a starving shadow of herself and being a bad role model to the children. No one EVER thinks about the children! (Gasp)

Fortunately, she seems to have escaped that and put on a few pounds, but now, poor Lara has joined the ranks of plastic surgery cautionary tales. She is in good company, with the likes of Meg Ryan, Melanie Griffith, and Jennifer Grey. Why does anyone in Hollywood get plastic surgery anymore? Will her new "look" put her on the "No" list in Hollywood?

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