Laptops Made of Paper

IT Management

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There is now a possibility your new computer will be made of paper. Paper PP Alloy, developed by PEGA Design, is made of the combination of recyclable paper and polypropylene. According to PEGA, Paper PP Alloy is not only environmentally friendly, but also strong, sturdy and flexible. The materials used to construct it are also easier to get ahold of compared to those needed to make plastic. PEGA also points at the Paper PP Alloy can also be used in the injection molding manufacturing process, and is fully recyclable.

PEGA assures that we'll all be using paper-based laptops in the near future, though some commentators suggest that Paper PP Alloy would be difficult to recycle. Either way, paper appears to be gaining ground as the new exotic material in the construction of robots as well.

PEGA, a company defined by using unconventional materials, has previously developed a bamboo-based laptop, as well as one made from a cellulose acetate material. The company has also developed a PLA (Polylactic Acid) product, that is a biodegradable material extracted from produce. PLA is eco-friendly, and is a promising replacement for oil-based plastics.

[Hat tip to Gizmodo.]