LAPD Asks Celebs To Tweet The Traffic News

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Apparently, L.A. traffic is about to get worse.

Beginning on the July 15th weekend, about 10 miles of Los Angeles' 405 freeway will be closed. For those of us that don't live in L.A., I'm hearing that this is kind of a big deal.

In order to avoid some sixth ring of hell-type apocalypse that will result from uniformed drivers trying to access this stretch of road, the Los Angeles Police Department has launched an advertising blitz.

According to the L.A. Times, the LAPD has held multiple press conferences, sent mass emails, and even bought out radio and TV ads to warn people of the impending "Carpocalypse."

But those traditional methods of getting out the word aren't enough so the LAPD has decided to turn to social media to help. They have sent out requests that celebrities with large Twitter followings tweet the traffic news. They say they reached out to Lady Gaga, Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore and Kim Kardashian. Between those four power users, about 30 million followers could get the news about the 405 closure.

Ashton has complied, tweeting this yesterday -

LAPD askd me 2tweet: 405fwy btwn 10 & 101 will b closed July16-17. In xchange I would like a free pass on that stoplight tickt IT WAS YELLOW 21 hours ago via UberSocial for iPhone · powered by @socialditto

Not only has Kim Kardashian tweeted for the cause, but the entire Kardashian/Jenner gang is pitching in -

Stay away from the 405 Fwy the weekend of July 16 & 17, it will be closed btwn the 10 Fwy and 101 Fwy North & South! 2 hours ago via web · powered by @socialditto

Plan Ahead, Avoid the Area or Stay Home, July 16-17, 405 Fwy Closed btwn 10 & 101 Fwy. I’m gonna BBQ. 2 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone · powered by @socialditto

Stay away from the 405 freeway the weekend of July 16 & 17, it will be closed between the 10 Fwy and 101 Fwy North & South! 14 minutes ago via web · powered by @socialditto

I HATE TRAFFIC! So I’m staying local July 16-17 when they close the 405 freeway between the 10 & the 101 freeways! 1 hour ago via web · powered by @socialditto

Gotta go somewhere July 16-17 <x-apple-data-detectors://10>; , Plan Ahead and Avoid the 405 fwy btwn the 10 & 101 Fwys cuz its CLOSED! 3 hours ago via web · powered by @socialditto

Lady Gaga is apparently much too busy to help, as she has yet to tweet about the upcoming closure.

"The whole idea is just to re-message the theme of avoiding the 405 area and that it’s going to be a mess if people don’t stay away,” said Lt. Andy Neiman, an LAPD spokesman. “The other message is to take advantage of this weekend to shop, meet some neighbors you never met before, finish that home improvement project you never got around to finishing or have a block party.”

“Twitter is a way to reach that whole demographic that could be oblivious to the 405 closure for that weekend,” Neiman said to the L.A. Times.

Other celebs have gotten the memo. Here are some that have tweeted so far -

LA friends have you heard about Carmegeddon? The 405 will close on July 16 &17. Stay at home preparing for The Captains on 7/21 on Epix. MBB 18 hours ago via web · powered by @socialditto

405 Fwy Entirely Closed July 16, 17 & what other days? Nothr tip frm CHP:
The freeways aren't free if U pay with your life. Buckle Up! 1 day ago via web · powered by @socialditto

Dear Twitter Friends who live in the LA area, the 405 freeway will be closed July 16 & 17. Plan ahead. LAPD is calling "Carmageddon." 2 hours ago via web · powered by @socialditto

So what do you think? Getting out the word via Twitter looks like a great idea to me. What other method of reaching thousands of L.A. residents could be quicker and easier?

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