Lana Del Rey’s New Album Consists Of Songs She Was Meant To Sing

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Lana Del Rey’s first full-length album “Born to Die” had mixed reviews and only had a few hit singles. The songs in her album labelled her as a sad pop star who sent mixed messages with the lyrics of her songs. Del Rey, however, was able to redeem herself with her second full-length album called “Ultraviolence.”

“Ultraviolence” consists of great tracks that Del Rey was meant to sing, critics say. And although some say the lyrics to the songs are somewhat depressing, they give off an old-time glamour that is rare among today’s artists.

Much has changed since Del Rey’s first album. She sought help from the Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach to produce eight tracks out of the 11 in her new album. The result is magical, as the “stripped down” songs lifts Del Rey’s voice to the level where it is meant to be.

'Shades of Cool' From Lana Del Rey's New Album 'Ultraviolence'

Reviews said that with “Ultraviolence” Del Rey sounds like she is comfortable in her own skin. The songs also match Del Rey’s powerful, yet cool voice.

However, “Ultraviolence” also has its flaws. Based on reviews, some songs contained warbling vocals. Other say that a few tracks verge on boring. The lyrics are not far off from the depressing lines from “Born to Die.”

Based on Billboard’s review, “Ultraviolence” is a record that talks about young women who fall for abusive guys who drive expensive cars and use drugs.

In one of the tracks “Cruel World” Del Rey sings about lowlifes who mingle with men that carry handguns and drugs. It seems that Del Rey is in love with the image of a damaged beauty queen maybe because she sees herself that way.

'Cruel World' by Lana Del Rey

With “Ultraviolence,” Del Rey has finally found her sweet spot in the music industry, and she is not sharing the spotlight with anyone else. She’s neither pop, nor R&B, and she should be happy exactly where she is.

Lana Del Rey: 'Ultraviolence'. Listen.

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