Lana Del Rey Says It's "Obvious" What Her Feminism Comments Meant

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Lana Del Rey gave a rare interview to friend James Franco for this month's issue of V Magazine and took a moment to explain some things, including her thoughts on feminism and what she meant when she spoke on the topic recently.

Del Rey told Fader last year that the issue of feminism didn't really interest her, which brought a whole lot of backlash her way.

“For me, the issue of feminism is just not an interesting concept. I’m more interested in, you know, SpaceX and Tesla, what’s going to happen with our intergalactic possibilities. Whenever people bring up feminism, I’m like, god. I’m just not really that interested," Lana said.

But in her latest interview, the singer says her words were taken a bit out of context. Her comments weren't meant to be disparaging; rather, she feels it's a given that doesn't need to be explained.

"The luxury we have as a younger generation is being able to figure out where we want to go from here, which is why I’ve said things like, 'I don’t focus on feminism, I focus on the future.' It’s not to say that there’s not more to do in that area. I’ve gotten to witness through history the evolution of so many movements and now I’m standing at the forefront of new technological movements. I’m not undermining other issues. But I feel like that’s obvious, like I shouldn’t even have to bring that up," Lana Del Rey said.

Del Rey and Franco have formed a friendship that has had the media speculating, but she has a boyfriend and Franco says they have a creative relationship...and that's all.

“Lana has become my friend. She is a musician who is a poet and a video artist. She grew up on the East Coast but she is an artist of the West Coast. When I watch her stuff, when I listen to her stuff, I am reminded of everything I love about Los Angeles. I am sucked into a long gallery of Los Angeles cult figurines, and cult people, up all night like vampires and bikers," he wrote in the V article.

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